Posted by: itstails | December 18, 2008

Where the F$%* is My Prince Charming?

four weddings and a funeral

If you’re a guy, you probably don’t like romantic comedies.  I can’t blame you.  But you probably don’t like them for the same old reasons.  Nothing is blown up, the annoying girl in the movie ends up happily ever after rather than stabbed to death by a psychopath, everyone has the same plot line and jokes, and your girlfriend ends up in tears while you have to keep reminding her it’s just a movie.

But now, guys have a new reason to hate romantic comedies a study says, “Rom-coms have been blamed by relationship experts at Heriot Watt University for promoting unrealistic expectations when it comes to love.”  Unrealistic?  What?  You mean guys won’t really give up everything else going on in their lives, spend all their life savings, delay a plane with some crazy antics, and then run across a busy highway just at the possibility of having dinner with a girl he met in a bookstore who likes the same band as him?!  Tell me it’s not true!!!!

Some of the movies studied include, “Maid In Manhattan, The Wedding Planner…”  Oh, damn you Jennifer Lopez and your unrealistic portrayal of true love!  In my mind you’ll always be with Ben Affleck!

For part of the study, “100 student volunteers were asked to watch the 2001 romantic comedy Serendipity, while a further 100 watched a David Lynch drama. Students watching the romantic film were later found to be more likely to believe in fate and destiny.”  However, they later clarified that this might not be statistically relevent since only 4 people actually stayed awake throughout Serendipity.

If you liked this, you may enjoy Internet? Yes, Please.

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