Posted by: itstails | December 16, 2008

Go Caroline, It’s Ya Birthday

The Kennedy family has no luck.  First, JFK becomes the first Catholic President.  Yay!  Then he was assassinated.  Boo.  Then, Robert Kennedy was on his way to becoming President.  Yay!  Then he was assassinated.  Boo.  JFK Jr. was in a plane crash.  And, I think there was one other thing with their family, what was it, I know it was somethi…oh, yes, Ted Kennedy killed a girl.  That’s right.  So, all in all not the best of luck going for them.

Now, Caroline Kennedy wants to fill Hillary Rodham Clinton’s vacated Senate seat.  So, let’s see what the article says Governor Paterson (who has sole authority to appoint the seat) thinks are her strengths, “(she’s) a strong potential candidate whose appointment would keep a woman in the seat.”  Alright!  She’s got two X chromosomes!  That more than qualifies her for this Senate seat.  Now that is certainly a unique trait that is hard to come across.  Hey, at least the Governor isn’t auctioning off the seat.

What else does she have going for her?  Well, “(her) personal connections would allow her to raise the roughly $70 million required to hold on to the seat in the coming years.”  Ok!  Not just a woman, but an extremely well connected and rich woman.  Sounding more and more qualified as we speak.  Who cares about her work background anyways!

Is there more?  Please tell me there’s more!  Oh, good, there’s more!  “The upside of her candidacy is that the 2010 ballot will read Kennedy – Paterson,” said one of (Gov Paterson’s) advisers.”  I’m sold.  Where do I donate?!  You mean not only is she a woman, not only is she rich, but her last name will help the current Governor get re-elected because the American public is fascinated with the Kennedy’s?  Jesus himself wouldn’t be a better candidate!

This story is Good News for:

1. Rich Women Everywhere – Are you a woman?  Are you rich?  Go ahead and change your last name to Rockefeller or Getty and run for office.  We’ll all be pulling for you!

2. Politics – After the whole Blogajevich scandal we really needed a story to redeem our faith in stalwart, fair politics.

Anyone else for whom it’s Good News?  Bon Jovi says “Vote…all you gotta do is Vote, Vote!”


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