Posted by: itstails | December 15, 2008

Who Needs Twins? I Got 2 Twins, Courtside

Sonia Ringoir, who is accused of selling her newborn twin boys for £9,000 pounds to pay for a liposuction operation

Everyone has priorities, especially when it comes to their kids.  And not everyone’s priorities are the same.  For instance, some people choose to stay at work rather than their kids tee-ball game and others choose to go to their kids tee-ball game rather than stay at work.  And some parents choose to not have liposuction rather than selling their newborn twins and others choose to sell their newborn twins so that they can have liposuction.  Wait, what?

A woman, Sonia Ringoir, was “accused of selling her newborn twin boys for £9,000 to pay for a liposuction operation (and) was involved in an online rent-a-womb trade with women desperate to have children.”  She would have gotten more, but one of the boy’s was slightly cross-eyed, bringing down his market value.  Now, before you get all up in arms over this – remember, her pregnancy with those kids was the reason she put on the weight in the first place.  It’s the least the boy’s could do.

But seriously, before we judge them let’s at least give them a chance to explain their reasoning.  You do never know with these things.  So, now let’s go inside the mind of her husband as he explains their motives, “He said the couple had searched the internet to find a quick way to make the cash.”  Ok, well that takes care of that!  And is it even possible to find a slower get-rich-quick scheme than this?  What kind of quick cash idea involves carrying a child around for nine months?  And they sold it for roughly $9000, which is roughly $1000/month.  A minimum wage job pays $1000/month.   

This is all, right?  Wrong.  She also “had run sperm ‘parties’…where she charged £300 a time to be impregnated with her husband’s sperm.”  Now that’s a party!  Who wouldn’t want to be impregnated with the sperm of a strapping man who impregnates his wife with the hopes of selling their children.  The more of his sperm running around the better!

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This story is Good News for:

1. The Twins – Better they find out at a young age their parents are whacko’s then actually having to grow up in their home.

2. Terrible Parents – Hey, you might be a terrible parent, but at least you didn’t sell your kids to have liposuction.

Any other ideas for whom this is Good News?  Leave it below, I dare you.


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