Posted by: itstails | December 15, 2008

Man Tries Something Grand, Fails

Alex Bellini - Italian rescued 65 miles short of rowing Pacific Ocean solo

Have you ever thought to yourself, “You know, it’s about time I accomplish something with my life.  Except I have no real discernable talents besides that I never get seasick or lonely.”  If so, you too can be like Alex Bellini (pictured above) who attempted to row alone across the entiritey of the Pacific Ocean.  Oh, and he’s not giving a thumbs up in the photo, his hands are frozen like that.

However, Bellini came up short as, “After 10 months (10,000 nautical miles) of rowing alone across the vast Pacific Ocean, eating only dried food and with nothing but emails from fans for company, Alex Bellini was rescued by a tugboat, just 65 nautical miles from his destination.”  Way to never give up!  Some of Bellini’s other notable acheivements are finishing 4 years of med school, climbing 2/3rds of Kilimanjaro, running 23 miles of a marathon, and losing 4 straight Super Bowls with the Buffalo Bills.

Upon landing, “He weighed 30 pounds less than when he set off and his wife Francesca said he was ‘looking confused’.”  Word later came out that this ‘confused look’ was because Bellini somehow figured that his journey would cause his wife to lose 30 pounds, not himself.  Although I think the hunger got to him as his first quote, regarding his trip, not surprisingly, was, “I didn’t put the cherry on top of the cake. But the cake is very good, very big and I will never forget about it.”  Gee, I wonder if he spent most of his time on the open water thinking about food?

However, the most shocking part of the story came from this quote from Bellini, regarding loneliness, “I received more than 30,000 emails on my satphone.  It has been not really a one-man adventure. I was alone at sea, but I was not completely alone.”  Who is this guy’s internet provider?  How can he get 30,000 emails while being isolated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean yet in the middle of a major city it’s fifty-fifty my internet works.

This story is Good News for:

1. Failures Everywhere – Rejoice failures.  Finally one of us has made it big.  Maybe now we’ve gotten to the point where almost completing something is the same as finishing it.  Hope my boss likes the 90% of the PowerPoint presentation I sent him.

2. Bellini’s Barber – This guy is going to need to be strapped to a barber’s chair for a week so he doesn’t look like everytime he smiles he’s thinking about strangling you with a belt.

Good to be back on this Monday morning.  Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  Water’s warm today, come on in and make a joke.


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