Posted by: itstails | December 15, 2008

Easy, Old Fella’

There are two groups of people I know not to mess with.  Old people and rappers. You do not mess with old people.  Old people don’t care.  They don’t care about social norms or their well being because hey, why bother caring when you’re just gonna die soon.  Old people can pretty much get away with anything.  The second group is rappers.  If BET has taught me anything, it’s that you want to stay away from rappers.  Every other song involves people getting shot or stabbed or mortally wounded in one manner or another.  I’ve always wondered what would happen if you combined the two, well today we finally got our answer.

So what happened?  Well, “An elderly man opened fire on fans at a Senegal rap concert.”  Wow, that guy is really into the whole thug life thingy.  Why did he open fire, you might ask, “Police say the gunman warned fans to stop singing “Pa’ Tang Xol” (Angry Old Man) by popular Senegalese artist Baaba Mal before opening fire…The elderly gentleman felt that these young people were insulting him in their songs.”  So, the man thought that this song was about him.  He thought the rap group had written a song called Angry Old Man about him, made sure he showed up to their concert, and then played the song all in an attempt to make fun of him.  Talk about an elaborate joke.  And, then, in response, he angrily shot people?  Talk about reinforcing stereotypes.  This is like when I refused to buy that ’98 album Cheap Jew.

I wonder how he got a small gun through securi…wait, what’s that – “The 70-year-old began shooting with a hunting rifle…”  Oh, a hunting rifle you say.  I’m not gun expert, but I don’t believe those slip unnoticed into your pocket.  If you’re letting people bring hunting rifles to a rap concert, I think you’re asking for trouble.

And how little did this guy care about his actions, so much so that “One police source said that (the shooter’s) own children were in the crowd.”  Now that’s bad-ass.  I defy anyone else to shoot up a room with their own children dispersed throughout.  And you wonder why I’m deathly afraid of the elderly.

This story is Good News for:

1.  Censor Proponents – I don’t think it’s too much of a long-shot that this case will be cited as a reason to censor rap.

2. NRA Members in Senegal – Congratulations, gun laws in Senegal are so relaxed that you can carry a hunting rifle around with you.  Your move, Charlton Heston.

Anyone else it’s good news for?  Got a joke in ya?  Leave it below.  And Vote, it’s your patriotic duty.

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