Posted by: itstails | December 12, 2008

Will Solve Complex Algorithms for Food

MIT grad Joshua Persky, who was a walking classified ad for himself on Park Avenue six months ago,...

I’m sure the Board of Directors at MIT were none too happy to wake up to see that one of their esteemed graduates, Joshua Pesky, was now homeless.  It’s almost enough to make me feel better about probably not being allowed to set foot on their campus, yet alone go there.  Wait, what’s that you say?  This man’s not homeless, but instead just a laid off investment banker looking for some cheeky self-promotion amidst his industry’s looming financial crisis?  Well, then, that seems about right.

From the article, “An out-of-work banker became a symbol of the looming financial crisis by trudging Manhattan streets wearing a sign advertising “MIT grad for hire.”  Well, if this isn’t a huge F*$% You to homeless people everywhere, I don’t know what is.  Oh, what’s that – you’re on the streets because you lost your leg in a war and had to result to drinking to ease the pain and haven’t been able to find the right help to get back on your feet?  Me?  Oh, hmm, well, I guess I’m out here because after I graduated from one of the top 5 colleges in the country I lost my job where I made six figures a year.  You’re out here looking for any loose change or a tiny morcel of food to eat?  Oh, me?  Even though I could probably reach in my pocket and give you enough money to eat for a month, I’m instead out here looking for another six figure job.  Isn’t being on the streets hard?!

It worked, he got a job as a senior manager with Weiser, “In a more hopeful sign of the times, Joshua Persky got rid of his sandwich board and demonstrated that creative people can bail themselves out without any help from the government.”  Yes, isn’t Joshua just so creative!  I’m sure that’s exactly why he got this job and not, you know, the fact he graduated from MIT and was an experienced investment banker.  From the sound of this article it’s amazing that more homeless aren’t getting jobs as investment bankers.  I guess they just need better signs! Hahaha.  Well, let’s let the guy who hired Pesky settle this, “I liked his resume. He had great business sense, great experience and great references.” Hey, hey, it looks like I was on to something.

This story is Good News for:

1. MIT Grads – you adorable bunch, you – even when you’re down, you’re not out.

2. Homeless Everywhere – Look, one of you made it as an investment banker.  Don’t give up hope now!

3. Sandwich Board Makers – Congratulations, you’re not just for salvation army workers and apocolypse nutso’s anymore.

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