Posted by: drcharmed | December 12, 2008

Weekly Top News Commentary – A Guest Post

I have asked a good friend of mine, Dr. Charmed (who insists it’s pronounced with a British accent, even though he’s never even been to Europe), to comment on the top story of each week.  Give him a warm welcome.  Oh, and he’s not a real Doctor.

I have been asked to write a weekly commentary on the news for this blog.  Which was odd, considering I don’t read newspapers, watch the news, and only have a passing interest about what’s going on.  But I guess sometimes it’s good to get an outsiders opinion.  So, in the event that I’m not too hungover on Friday morning, you will have the honor of reading this column every week.  This week’s Weekly Top News Commentary (WTNC) is brought to you by Illinois, who just changed their motto to, “Yeah, yeah – Blagojevich and Ryan, we get it, but don’t forget we also gave you guys Obama – so let’s just call it a draw, ok?”

Your fine host of this site (golf clap) already made his opinion of the Blagojevich scandal clear.  He is a member of the overwhelming majority that think Gov Rod was doing a bad thing.  Well, I’m here to show you that, just like with cinnamon’s mysterious popularity, the majority is wrong.

Let’s start with how this majority would want this Senate seat appointed.  By the storied old method of plucking some lower level political person out of their dull lives and putting them into the esteemed Senate.  So, this person was just minding their own business, going about their day and then – boom- out of nowhere they are plucked from obscurity and are headed to Washington as a Senator.  Replacing the current President, no less.  This is like winning the lottery without even buying a ticket or accidentally dropping a $5000 chip on the blackjack table and then being dealt a blackjack.  You’re playing with house money.  And what do people do when they happen to win a large amount of money they didn’t expect to?  Do they save it?  Or maybe invest it?  No!  That accidental lottery ticket will probably end up paying for a year of tuition for a stripper.  That’s just how people work, when you come into something unexpectedly, you take it for granted, you take advantage of it.  So, what does this all mean?  It means that handing out a Senate seat would result in the same thing, someone who’s playing with house money and doesn’t really care what happens because they didn’t even expect to be there in the first place.

Now, let’s contrast this with how the ingenious Gov Blagojevich, whose name could easily be mistaken for a villain in a ’70’s Bond movie.  In fact, the first time a coworker asked me if I could believe what Governor Blagojevich did,  I told them I haven’t seen Quantum of Solace yet.  Either way, Rod ingeniously crafted a way to get around the above phenomenon, by auctioning off the Senate seat to the highest bidder.  Now, somebody would have to pay huge money for that Senate seat.  And after doling out millions of dollars to the Governor, is this person going to take the Senate seat for granted?  No Way!  This person is going to appreciate being a Senator.  This is like if you just got a new couch.  If somebody gave you your couch, ‘Of course you’ll host the Super Bowl this year,” but if you bought that couch with your own money there’s no way anybody you know is sitting on that thing.  It’s just to be looked at, like a piece of artwork.  They can use the fold out chairs if they really must sit.  So, what does this all mean.  It means if somebody had to pay for that Senate seat you know they are going to be the best little Senator around.

And just because your host loves polls, let’s do one of our own for no one to respond to.

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