Posted by: itstails | December 11, 2008

Now Woman Can be 2nd Class Citizens in Two Worlds!

Up until now, if you were a Muslim who had no friends in the real world, you really had no place to turn to try to find friends.  Sure, they technically could join some of the current online virtual worlds, but they’re filled with heathens and girls with skin showing.

But now, now all that has changed.  If you’re a Muslim nerd you finally have hope now that the first virtual world for Muslims has been created, “Called Muxlim Pal, it allows users to look after a cartoon avatar or ‘pal’ who can move around the world, which promotes Islamic culture.”  Be careful, Mohamad, because if you look at that woman a little too wantonly your avatars eyes get gauged!

It is very interactive as, “Each pal has a number of ‘meters’ that govern spirituality, happiness, fitness and knowledge, which change as the character carries out tasks.”  Reading the fine print I found that killing just one Jew raises all of these ‘meter’s 3 points!

It’s free to sign up!

This story is Good News for:

1. Muslim Nerds – who can now have no friends in two different worlds.

2. Hindu’s – because now that Muslim’s have their own virtual world it can’t be long before they get theirs.

3. Allah – now his followers, when not praying to him 8 times a day in real life, will be praying to him 8 times a day in their virtual life.

Anyone else this is Good News for?  Put it in Poll below and write why in the comments.


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