Posted by: itstails | December 11, 2008

Kids These Days











Drugs.  If it wasn’t for drugs how would our rock stars, athlete’s, and celebrities ruin their lives?  Infidelity?  Public Shame?  Please, those are only minor setbacks.  And what would all the drug dealers do if there were no drugs?  Get a 9-5?  Please, 9-5’s are for suckers and drug dealers aint no suckers.  I think that is what the Government will never understand.

But the real problem is with kids, who will try anything to get high.  And now, “in South Africa, the newest abused prescription drugs of choice are HIV drugs.”  It gets worse, “The children say they are buying or stealing the drugs from HIV patients and healthcare workers.”  I mean, stealing candy from a fat person or hair gel from Ryan Seacrest is one thing, victimless crimes, but to steal HIV medication from an HIV patient?  What happened to the good ol’ days of tying off your arm with a rope and injecting yourself with a needle?  But, it gets worse, “To make matters even worse, South Africa has one of the worst HIV/AIDS epidemics in the world, with an estimated one-fifth of the population infected”.  Well, this should help.

At least the teens have a good reason, “they (the teens) said it helps them relax and forget about their problems.”  Can’t they just numb their minds with reality TV like the rest of us?  And, I’m assuming that much of their problems stem from the fact that so many of their family members are infected with HIV, so I think stealing their medications so you can forget about your problem of them having HIV is a tad bit selfish, don’t you think?

This story is Good News for:

1. American Teens, who had previously been derided for using Adderall to get high.  They don’t look so bad by comparison.  Hey, at least they are using their own medication.

2. Drug Companies, Yes sir, drug company execs reading this – you have a whole new market you didn’t even know about.  I’m sure you don’t intent on exploiting this.

3. South African HIV Patients – At least they’ll be put out of their misery earlier now.  Was that mean?

Anyone else this is good news for?  Add it in the poll below and defend it in the comments.



  1. I can see the point of view of these African kids. I mean they don’t have reality TV, or old school sitcoms brought to you by Turner Broadcasting System. They have MK-47’s being distributing around their country and random militias destroying village after village. They tried sex to “forget about their problems,” and now are told they are getting diseases(HIV). I mean Africans have had it pretty bad for quite some time. The only ones left are the people who sold out their villages to the white settlers, so they could become leaders, or the ones there wasn’t any room left for on the boat.
    Therefore, these kids are just using any means at their disposal to get away from it. It is a bit selfish, but maybe they hold against their parents bringing them into the horrible world in which they live?
    But wait, doesn’t marijuana grow free there? I mean HIV drugs sound as enticing as oxycotton. I can see where they are coming from by getting away from it all, but honestly, how white trash is taking HIV drugs?

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