Posted by: itstails | December 11, 2008

If at First You Don’t Succeed…

When my grandfather was 73 he was completely senial and firmly believed that he had been a college basketball star and coach (he was an accountant).  In fact, when we used to visit him at his old folks home and everybody was referring to him as “Coach”, we had no idea why.  Which is almost the same as Ken Mink who, at 73, decided to lace his shoes up one more time for a college basketball team, you know, except much, much crazier.  Although, if in your mind you truly believe you were a basketball star in your past there’s really no difference than if you actually were one.

So, what happened in this mysterious Mink’s checkered past that made him give up basketball?  “(Mink) had played at Lees College in Jackson, Ky., only to be expelled from the then-Presbyterian school in 1956 as his sophomore season began. His crime? Mink said he was accused of soaping the coach’s office with shaving cream, slathering the lights and even the coach’s shoes.”  Even I know, if there’s one thing Presbyterian’s can’t stand it’s not heretic’s or witches or Jews, but shaving cream pranks.  That’s a huge No No in the Presbyterian playbook. 

He has tried to bond with teammates at least, “Earlier this season, teammates invited Mink to a party at a player’s apartment. He asked his wife for permission to attend, and she said no”.  So, even at 73 he can’t get away for a night from his wife.  No wonder he wanted to get out of the house to join a basketball team.

This story is Good News for:

1. Mrs. Mink – I think this article sums up why best.

2. Washed Up Athletes Everywhere – you know the guys that sit around talking about the good ol’ days when they scored 4 touchdowns in one game for Polk High?  Now they can get back in the ring and re-live those days again.

3. Women – that’s right ladies, if you play your cards right and put in the time and effort you can still be controlling your man at age 73.

Anyone else this story is Good News for?  Put it in the Poll below and defend it in the comments.


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