Posted by: itstails | July 3, 2008

That’s Right, Now Even High Gas Prices Are Good!!

So, are higher gas prices actually Good News for us?  No f*&$ing way!  Yes!  Yes they are!  Here are two separate articles cluing you into why having a higher gas price is actually for the greater good.  Here are some warnings about these articles though:  If you are like me and spend 25%-30% of all your conversations complaining about how high gas prices have gotten, I would avoid reading these articles.  Also, another warning is that after you read these articles, the next gathering you attend the subject of high gas prices will come up and you will fancifully clue the rest of the partygoers into why high gas prices are good and bestcase everybody there hates you, worst case somebody slashes your tires, trust me – nobody likes the high gas prices are good guy.

Can you think of anyone else this story is good news for?  If so, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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